A number of robberies in the New Kingston Corporate area has left commuters crying out for assistance. One of the complainants says persons are robbed daily and this is discouraging those who wish to do business in the area.

She says the robberies are mostly carried out by motorcyclists.

The complainant says persons are being robbed of their money and other important personal items.

Yesterday on Knutsford Boulevard, at about 5 in the afternoon, the woman answered a phone call and the phone was snatched from her.

She says a number of persons have had similar experiences in the area. The woman says when she made a complaint to the police, she was informed that multiple reports were made of similar issues.

The police allegedly said they weren’t able to do anything because only two officers were present and no vehicle was available.

The complainant is pleading for assistance as those who traverse the area are growing more fearful.