Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, says the government will be introducing new legislation during the new fiscal year as it continues its push to break the back of violent crimes.

Sir Patrick was delivering the throne speech today.

It’s the highlight of the ceremonial opening of Parliament for the 2020/2021 fiscal year, beginning April 1.

Sir Patrick says significantly disrupting the activity of criminals remains among the key items of the Holness administration’s agenda entering the new fiscal year.

The Governor General told Parliament that a holistic approach is being taken to the crime fight.

He says the administration is also hopeful that a number of amendments to the law last year will assist in making life hard for perpetrators of violent crime.

Sir Patrick also addressed the issue of water.He says the precious commodity has the attention of the Holness- administration.

The Governor General also indicated that housing remains a key priority for the Government.

He says over 10-thousand housing starts are scheduled to be built this fiscal year.

Sir Patrick also highlighted the successes of the Holness administration – including the country’s performance in relation to the targets set under the now concluded IMF agreement.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Governor General’s throne speech clearly informed the nation of the administration’s plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

However Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips says the legislative agenda had several recycled proposals.

Dr. Phillips also says aspects of the announced legislative agenda represented delayed amendments that should have been made before the end of the country’s IMF program.

Dr. Peter Phillips, Opposition Leader speaking with Nationwide News.

Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, says the Governor General’s throne speech spoke to how the government will be using Jamaica’s economic stability to benefit citizens.

Dr. Nigel Clarke, Finance Minister speaking with Nationwide News.