The Chief Executive Officer of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, Dennis Chung, says the Government will need to establish a compensation scheme based on worker productivity, if it wants to end the brain drain in the public sector.

He says the brain drain persists as successive administrations have avoided looking at compensation based on performance and productivity.

They’ve chosen instead to compensate based on position and seniority.

But he says all that will have to change if the problem is to be addressed sufficiently.

Finance Minister Audley Shaw and his Opposition counterpart, Dr. Peter Phillips warned on Tuesday that there’s a tragic situation in the public sector regarding brain drain.

Both pointed to a higher attrition rate in key public sector jobs.

But for the CEO of the PSOJ, Dennis Chung, until the Government establish a fair compensation scheme, workers will continue to leave the public sector.

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He wants a scheme that compensates workers based on their level of productivity.

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Mr. Chung says the Government can measure productivity based on worker’s output in relation to GDP growth and or organizational objectives.

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