Motorists using the North South Highway will not have to pay increases in toll rates this year as they’re being given a temporary reprieve.

Proposed rate increases, which would’ve seen motorists paying increases of between 14 and 31 percent, were scheduled to take effect this Saturday.

However, Transport Minister, Mike Henry, says the toll operators have agreed to withhold the increase for the rest of this year.

In a statement yesterday, Minister Henry says he met with the toll Operators.

He says they discussed the request for the increase in toll rates.

The Transport Minister says he pointed out that while it’s important that the investors recoup their investment over time, it’s also important that motorists can afford to use the highway.

He says he told the operators the proposed increase would not find favour with many motorists, adding they risked losing customers.

Meanwhile, the statement says rates will now be rounded up or down to the nearest 50 or 100 dollars.

This means that some motorists will see a decrease in toll rates, while others will see an increase.