Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, says new and existing investors in the industry are expected to spend more than US $2 billion over the next three years in rebuilding the sector.

Jamaica’s tourism industry has earned overUS $2 billion and attracted more than 1 million visitors since the start of the year.

Mr. Bartlett says just about 61 per cent of tourism workers have returned to their jobs after the sector was forced to close down due to the  Covid-19 pandemic.

The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, JHTA, has projected an average of 65 per cent occupancy in hotels across the island.

Based on recent data, the demand for Jamaica is also 38 per cent of 2019, as opposed to the world demand average  of 24 per cent. 

Mr. Bartlett says more investment from local entrepreneurs are needed.

According to the minister, the new approach is to shift focus away from head-on competition and redraw industry boundaries.

He says the new approach will help to achieve growth targets of five million visitors and an additional five billion dollars in earnings. 

Mr. Bartlett says more inclusion of small and medium tourism players is also in the works.

Edmund Bartlett, Tourism Minister.