A police witness in the Klansman Gang Trial yesterday detailed how the police detained the accused Jazeel Blake at a home in Jones Avenue in 2019. 

The witness, number 16, is a detective inspector attached to the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch, CTOC. 

He explained that Blake also called ‘Squeeze Eye’ was a suspect in relation to an anti-gang investigation the police were pursuing. 

The witness says a police team went to Jones Avenue and walked through a foot path to get to the suspect’s home. 

He says Blake’s mother emerged from the house and the police engaged her in conversation on the veranda. 

According to the witness, on a search of Blake’s home, the police found two cell phones and and sim cards. 

The witness says he took the items as police evidence. 

But he says a personal notebook he’d used to document details about the probe, was later lost along with his glasses and other personal items in his knapsack. 

The police witness also pointed out Blake among the defendants in the courtroom. 

Trial takes a break for the Christmas Holidays and will resume on monday January 10, 2022.