Opposition Senator Damion Crawford says tourism workers are missing out on potential revenues for their hospitality.

He says our natural warmth as a people, is considered great competence that should attract monetary incentives.

The Opposition Senator says that’s used to market our tourism destination, yet hotel workers remain underpaid.

He says most hotels don’t allow guests to tip workers, because they want to reduce the likelihood of visitors being treated based on how much they spend.

But he says hotels charge guest for gratuity.

He’s also urging tourism stakeholders and the government, to explore ways of using the sector to benefit from the COVID-19 pandemic.

He says for example, what he calls quarantine parties, where guests come and party in their hotels, could attract younger tourists who are not afraid to travel at this time.

And Mr Crawford says tourists should be encouraged to use online platform to support our local stores and entrepreneurs who offer items needed for this climate.

He says such items like clothing for warm climate, are difficult to source in the US and the UK, as they are now experiencing cold weather.

And Mr Crawford says the government can increase tourism revenue by marketing to members of the diaspora at this time.

Damion Crawford, Opposition Senator, speaking on a Live Instagram Program called Money Talk Live.