Three people have been killed and six more are nursing gunshot wounds, following a shooting in Spring Village, Old Harbour, St Catherine.

One woman and two men have been killed.

What was designed to be a bonding moment between members of a popular Jamaican company and the community became a horror show on a football field.

Preliminary reports from the police are about 5:10 this afternoon, staff from several departments of the St Catherine based company gathered at the football field for interdepartmental activities.

However, the competitive spirit among the staff was cut by a hail of bullets from unknown assailants.

The reports indicate several cars carrying armed men pulled up on the scene of the football game. The men reportedly alighted from their vehicles and opened fire hitting nine people.

The police say at least two of the deceased are employees of the prominent company.

A police spokesperson told our news centre a short while ago that they have increased their presence in the area following the mass shooting.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force spokesperson says the police have yet to determine a motive for the triple murder.

However, they are actively trying to piece together the sequence of events and other evidence to identify the perpetrators.