Residents of Troy in Trelawny are lamenting that the collapsed Troy Bridge is yet to be fixed.

The 125-year-old bridge, which serves Trelawny and Manchester, collapsed two years ago during a spell of heavy rainfall.

Since the collapse of the bridge, residents have ben forced to use a makeshift zipline in its place.

In his budget presentation, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that while the National Works Agency plans to construct three new bridges, including the Troy Bridge, additional delays would take place given the rigourous and detailed process required before construction can begin.

However, residents of Troy and surrounding areas are calling for the project to begin sooner, given the detrimental effect the loss of the bridge has had on their communities.

They say the livelihoods of farmers have been particularly affected.

They also say the cost of using alternative routes makes it near impossible to travel to other towns to conduct business.

Residents say without the bridge, a thirty minute journey has now become a two hour journey.

According to the residents, it has also become increasingly difficult for elderly or ailing persons to travel, since they are unable to use the makeshift zipline due to their health.

They are calling on the Prime Minister to help ensure that the new bridge is constructed as soon as possible.