Reputed gang leader, Uchence Wilson, is at this hour giving evidence in his own defence in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston.

This after Chief Justice Bryan Sykes ruled 19-alleged members of the gang all have cases to answer.

Those facing trial include alleged gang leader Uchence Wilson, his alleged second in command, Fitzroy Scott and a member of the Constabulary, Corporal Lloyd Knight.

Two women also have cases to answer to.  They are Shantal Gordon and Tashena Baker.

Six of the initial 25 people who were brought before the court have since walked free.

Tevin Khani who was facing charges of being apart of a criminal organisation and facilitating a serious offense by being a part of a criminal organisation was freed today.

He was also facing charges of illegal possession of firearm, however, the Crown has dropped these charges.

When the trial resumed this morning, Chief Justice Sykes upheld the no-case submission against Mr. Khani.

In handing down the ruling Chief Justice Sykes says one of the state’s witnesses didn’t provide enough evidence to positively identify Mr. Khani at any of the scenes of any crime.

Cornel White has also been freed.

He was charged with being part of a criminal organisation and knowingly benefiting from a criminal organisation.

The Court says insufficient evidence was presented against Mr. White.

Mr. Khani and Mr. White join Judith Johnson, Junior Rose and Shadae Beckford who’ve recently been freed of charges of being part of a criminal organisation.

Constable Stephan Martin who is now before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court facing charges of accepting stolen property was also freed.

Uchence Wilson and 24 of his alleged cronies were brought before the courts in 2017 on accusations of being a part of a criminal organisation.

They’re the first set of accused members being tried under the anti- gang legislation.