Nationwide News understands that the Andrew Holness administration is examining the possibility of asking the United States government to extradite a former senior staffer at Petrojam to face corruption charges in Jamaica.

The former senior Petrojam staffer is a citizen of the United States.

It’s understood the Jamaican government is also exploring other legal channels to have a second ex-Petrojam official sent back to Jamaica to face the island’s justice system.

The second former Petrojam official in question is a resident of the US and is also expected to face corruption charges.

The consideration to initiate extradition proceedings follows the conclusion of an investigation by the Integrity Commission into the state-owned oil refinery.

In its annual report which was tabled in the Senate on Friday, the Commission disclosed that it has referred its findings to its Director of Corruption Prosecution.

The report does not disclose the names of the people implicated in alleged corruption at Petrojam who’ve been referred for prosecution.