A strike notice issued by the nation’s civil servants has been put on hold temporarily.

The issue surrounds the finance ministry’s handling of the Public Sector Compensation Review process.

Speaking on Nationwide at Five Wednesday evening, JCSA president O’Neil Grant says it will review a response it has received from the the ministry and then decide if it will take industrial action.

Mr Grants says the letter from the finance ministry was received late afternoon. He says the executive wants to consult with its membership before issuing a response.

The trade union is accusing the ministry of circumventing the collective bargaining process by eliminating negotiated benefits and allowances under the guise of a compensation review.

It also accused the ministry of delaying the negotiation and seeking to circumvent the labour union by going directly to members informing them of the plans to discontinue benefits and allowances.

The letter addressed to the financial secretary, Darlene Morrison, chided the ministry for refusing to respond to its letters and leaving those responses to juniors who can only send letters of acknowledgement.