President Joe Biden is set to sign 10 executive orders to boost the fight against COVID 19 in the US. The move comes a day after Biden was sworn in as the 46th US President.

The orders will focus on increasing vaccinations, testings and the production of protective gears such as face masks. The aim is to give one hundred million vaccine doses by the end of April, and reopen most schools within 100. The plan also sees more funding for state and local officials as well as mandatory wearing of masks on all federal government property, planes and trains.

Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Anthony Fauci, says the US will join the COVAX scheme which was designed to deliver COVID vaccines to poor countries. He also says the US would continue to provide funding for the World Health Organization, WHO, in line with Biden’s move to reverse Trump’s decision to leave. Yesterday, President Biden signed 15 executive orders reversing several of Trump’s policies including those on climate change and immigration.