Former Concacaf President Austin Jack Warner has accused Caribbean Football Union heads of selling their souls in breaking up the block that once made the CFU one of the most powerful regions in Concacaf and by extension world football.

Warner who is currently fighting extradition to the U.S. on Corruption charges, says it pained his heart when the CFU instead of voting as a block, went their separate ways and allowed the presidency of Concacaf to fall into the hands of someone from outside the Caribbean.

Warner says for the first time ever a Concacaf President is paid a salary adding that the current holder of the office is taking home 1.24 million U.S dollars a year.

The former FIFA vice president says the current batch of Caribbean Football leaders don’t understand their worth are were prepared to take crumbs to break up the group

In fact, Warner has posited that the very extradition he is currently fighting goes to the heart of plans by authorities to remove him so they can put in place their own people.

That’s former Concacaf¬† President Austin Jack Warner.