National Security Minister, Dr Horace Chang, says Jamaica has hit a new low with the killing of seven people in Westmoreland yesterday.

Among the dead are two children – both boys! One a two-year-old and the other 10-years-old.

Both children were killed along with one of their parents.

The killings took place in separate incidents in Grange Hill in the parish. Eight others were also injured. They all have gunshot wounds.

Dead are 2-year-old Sheldon Morgan Jr. and his father Sheldon Morgan. Also dead are 10-year-old Nicoy Bourne and his mother Nadine Rowe.

21 year old Joyan Myers and Tristan Brown and Odane Drummond were also murdered yesterday.

A contingent including the National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang and Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson visited the community today.

The nation was jolted this morning when it woke up to the news that marauding gun men went on a rampage in Westmoreland yesterday.

Terror reigned as shots rang out throughout the day.

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When the dust settled, seven were dead, another eight injured and the Sav-la-Mar hospital placed under tremendous pressure as medical staff scrambled to treat the victims.

National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang told the media today that the criminals sunk to a new and brutal low in Jamaica.

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Dr Chang described yesterday’s shootings as mayhem.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Major General Anderson, is urging members of the community to help the police capture the criminals.

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And the President of the Senate, Tom Tavares Finson, is urging residents to help the Police to quickly apprehend those responsible for the deadly gun attacks in Grange Hill, Westmoreland.

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Senator Tavares Finson commented on the shooting incidents during this afternoon’s sitting of the Upper House.

Tavares Finson reiterated his point when Opposition Senator Lambert Brown expressed reservation.

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