There’s widespread condemnation this afternoon, following a video on Facebook showing entertainment personality, Marvin the Dancer, and two other men abusing a young woman at a party.

The video was posted on Friday, and has been viewed around the world nearly 2-million times, and received thousands of comments on the social media site.

The footage shows Marvin the Dancer and his cronies chasing the obviously frightened and shaken young woman, who does her best to get away from the men, who repeatedly jump on her while gyrating wildly, stripping her clothes off, and slapping her all over the body.

The young woman flees into a nearby room in an attempt to escape the brutish advances of the men, but things only get worse.

The men follow her into the room, where one of them places a bucket over her head and pounds hard on it, all while smiling broadly.

People in entertainment circles say the abusive behaviour is part of Marvin the Dancer’s ‘act’, which he has performed with various women on several occasions.

Facebook has since removed the video, but not before it was viewed over 1-point-7 million times.

Thouands of people had also commented on the video before it was taken down, including people from around the Caribbean, Europe and the United States.

Commentors largely condemned the acts in video, calling it disgusting, and calling for the young woman to file charges of sexual assault.