The second witness in the Klansman Gang Trial has admitted to several omissions in relation to his statement and evidence regarding one of the 33 accused before the courts.

The defendants are charged for being apart of a criminal organisation and committing offences as part of the gang.

Tauna Thomas reports.

Defence attorney, Alexander Shaw during his cross-examination attempted to poke several holes in the witness’ statements and evidence. Mr. Shaw is representing Andre Golding also known as ‘RaeTae Blacks.’

The witness, during his evidence-in-chief, had said he borrowed a machete to give to RaeTae Blacks on the night they had intended to kill a supermarket worker called Doolie. He says Doolie was a part of Tesha Miller’s gang.

The witness had testified that RaeTae Blacks was complaining that he, “wanted to chop up the bwoy”, and couldn’t allow another alleged member, Crux, alone to kill him. The witness said he had given the machete to Rae Tae Blacks.

The former top-tier member turned state witness said the gang, on their first attempt, were not successful in killing Doolie because he wasn’t at work on the night they went to his place of employment.

But in cross-examination on Thursday, Mr. Shaw suggested that the witness was not telling the truth about RaeTae Blacks’ presence on the scene.

The defence attorney then referenced the witness’ statement that detailed the incident. He suggested that the witness never mentioned RaeTae Blacks being a part of Doolie’s murder and the witness agreed that he had not given the police that information.

He also agreed he didn’t tell Investigators that RaeTae wanted to help kill Doolie.

In another instance of omission, Mr. Shaw turned his attention to the killing of a bus driver at a supermarket.

The witness had given evidence that RaeTae was the one driving one of the gang’s stolen vehicles with other members who killed the bus driver. According to the witness’ evidence, RaeTae was instructed to park and keep the getaway car running while the other members carried out the crime.

But during Shaw’s cross-examination the witness agreed that he again did not tell the police that he saw RaeTae Blacks parked and waiting in the getaway vehicle.

Mr. Shaw argued that despite giving more than 11 statements to the police, the witness left out what would’ve been crucial information. This the attorney suggested meant the witness was lying.

The witness also agreed that he did not place RaeTae on the scene of an attempted murder on King Street or a shooting incident on the Spanish Town By Pass. Both incidents had happened on the same day.

The witness is insisting that he couldn’t put everything in his statement but has given the information during his evidence in court.