The former top tier member of the Klansman gang turned state witness is insisting he saw gang member, Brian Morris, also known as ‘Rooster’ and another crony, kill a Rasta man in Jones Avenue in broad daylight.

The witness’ insistence that he saw the trigger men follows suggestions by Kemeisha Mittoo during cross examination that the witness only knew about the murder through pictures shown to him by investigators.

Ms. Mitto is representing Morris.

Today is day 31 of the trial.

Tauna Thomas reports.

The defence attorney suggested to the witness that his recollection about the Rastaman is not of what he saw on the day of the murder, but rather what he saw in crime scene photographs.

The lawyer further suggested that the witness was not on the scene, but he disagreed.

The witness noted that he was on the crime scene but photographs were later shown to him to identify the deceased Rastaman after he became an informant.

The witness also disagreed with other suggestions that he didn’t see Morris with any gun.

During his evidence-in-chief, the second witness had detailed that on the day of the Rastaman’s murder, the reputed leader of the One Don break away faction of the Klansman gang, Andre “Blackman” Bryan, told Rooster that he should hold the bottom of the gun he’d be using because the clip was slack.

The witness says Blackman told Rooster that he wanted him to do the shooting because no one on the lane knew him, but they knew Stennett.

He told the court that Blackman wanted it look as if men from Dela Vega did the shooting.

The witness says Stennett and Rooster travelled in a Honda to the area where the Rasta man was.

According to the witness, he could see Stennett and Rooster walking towards the target.

The witness says the target was a shop drinking a Guinness or Dragon.

The witness says Rooster pulled the gun from his waist band and started firing at the Rasta man.

According to the witness, the magazine fell from the gun and Stennett ran to the victim and shot him.

He says he saw Rooster put the clip back in the gun and shoot at the Rastaman.

According to the witness, the two gang members then ran back down the lane and up on a hill to Shelter Rock.