On day-eight of the Klansman trial the prosecution’s first witness detailed how members of the gang planned to murder three people at the fishing village in Twickenham Park St. Catherine in 2017.

Thirty three people including one woman are on trial for multiple offences under the anti gang legislation.

Among them is alleged leader of the One don faction of the gang Andre Bryan aka Blackman.

The trial is being presided over by Chief Justice Bryan sykes.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

The witness says Bryan called him and told him to inform one member of the gang members, a man he called Ray Tay Blacks to ‘ready up the duppy truck’.

On day six he had told the court that vehicle was so called because “everytime it drive out is either a shooting or murder.”

He says Bryan instructed him and another gang member he called Squeese Eye to go and look if they saw the intended targets of that shooting, three men.

He says when he saw them they told Bryan via phone.

Accoridng to the witness Bryan told them to scout the area for police while Ray Tay Blacks and some other gang members came to carry out that shooting.

The witness says by the time they started looking for any police officers, the men had already started the shooting.

He says when they met up later that day one of the gang members, a man he called Mawgaman said he’d missed the target.

The witness says the other gangsters were laughing but Bryan was furious because he wanted those men killed.

He says Bryan instructed him to pilot Ray Tay Blacks to a lane in Buck Town to hide back the duppy truck.

He says he understood that to mean drive infront Ray Tay Blacks and ensure no police were present because Bryan never wanted the police seizing that vehicle.

The witness says he then drove Bryan back to his home in what he calls uptown.

The witness says he was banker of the gang and Bryan’s personal driver.