National Security Minister, Dr Horace Chang say some 1,200 police officers are to be added to the Force this year.

He says while the Police are woefully under-resourced, some divisions manage to achieve 40 to 50% clear up rate of crimes.

The National Security Minister says the government has already designed, and send to tender, plans to construct a Police Station in Llandilo Westmoreland.

He says the government is also addressing the social issues that cause many young boys to be recruited to gangs.

Dr Horace Chang, National Security Minister, addressing the Face to Face meeting with the National Security Minister at the Manning’s School in Westmoreland last evening. gs.

Mrs Rattray Hammond says it’s the country’s responsibility to explore why, and to determine how the homes, communities and other institutions can fill those gaps.

The principal says at her institution, there is a Positive Behaviour programme which seeks to promote good attitudes among children.

But she’s questioning how children can realize their potential when they are living in fear.

It’s why the educator had this appeal to criminals.

She says we must all be willing to make necessary sacrifices to improve the lives of the nation’s children.