One hundred and twenty-five years with no parole.

That’s what Gwendolyn McKnight, the mother of Kemesha Wright, is suggesting would be a fair sentence for her nephew, Rushane Barnett.

McKnight who sat in court today, says she’s disappointed in Barnett’s attorney, who is asking for a discounted sentence.

Robian Williams has the story.

While in court, Mrs. McKnight looked at Barnett from head to toe. One could only imagine the thoughts going through her head.

But she says her focus was steadfast in faith.

McKnight with tearful eyes, expressed profound sadness at how Barnett’s attorney represented him.

On October 20 when Barnett returns to court , McKnight is expecting him to be given the highest range of sentencing.

Barnett in his caution statement, read out in court, said he was “preeing” Kemesha on a “grimy level”. He said she was giving people things to talk about him in the streets.

“She tek mi as some yard boy and a fool”.

He confessed to the murders but then claimed he heard voices in his head that told him to do it. He also said during his psychiatric evaluation that his actions were as a result of obeah.

McKnight refuted those assertions.

Kemesha Wright would’ve celebrated her 32nd birthday on September 13. For that entire day, Mrs. McKnight said she wept bitterly.