Hykel Nunes reports

Jamaica continues to move towards digitization, as the Amber/HEART NSTA says it will invest heavily in training young Jamaicans in coding.

Amber Group Chief Executive Officer Dushyant Savadia, says Jamaica should capitalize on the developing software market.

Mr. Savadia notes that the market will grow by more than $500-billion this year.

Speaking at the launch of Amber/HEART NSTA Coding Academy this morning, Mr. Savadia said Jamaica is moving towards a digital economy.

He says the country needs more coders.

According to the Amber CEO, the country needs 20,000 software developers.

He adds that successful graduates are guaranteed employment.

Mr. Savadia says the software market is projected to bounce back this year.

Meanwhile Mr. Savadia said the largest exporters of software are India and China.

He explained that the demand outweighs the supply.