With gang violence being cited as the main contributor to the country’s alarming murder rate, a local anthropologist is claiming women are often planners and ‘strategists’ behind the mayhem.

Dr. Herbert Gayle says this is the case in a number of countries in which he’s done research including Jamaica.

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He says females play a big role in gang violence. He says they’re both victims and perpetrators.

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Dr. Gayle was speaking Wednesday at a forum at the Regional Headquarters of the University of the West Indies, Mona.

The forum was dubbed ‘Taming the Caribbean Crime Monster: A Solutions Agenda’.

And addressing the forum, Political Sociologist, Dr. Joy Moncrieffe, said crimes, like scamming, have become ‘normalised’ in Jamaica.

She says many professionals — including police and lawyers — are involved in the illicit activity.

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She says research done by the government shows people believe scamming helps build the economy.

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