Photo by: Barbados Underground

A 67 year old attorney was sentenced to almost 7 years in prison by the Barbados High Court after being found guilty of theft and money laundering.

A sentence of 6 years, 151 day was issued by Justice Pamela Beckles against attorney Ernest Winston Jackman was imposed by.

Mr Jackman was found guilty of stealing BDS$678, 414.75 from the company, HEJ Limited between June 23, 2006 and March 5, 2007.

Jackman was also convicted of engaging in money laundering by disposing of the sum between June 23, 2006, and October 18, 2011.

In August, the acting Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Krystal Delaney, had urged that the High Court to use a sentence of between eight and nine years as a starting sentence regarding the theft and ten years for the money laundering conviction.

She told Justice Pamela Beckles that among the aggravating circumstances is that a significant sum of money had been stolen.