The Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, is moving to explain the increase in the size of his Shadow Cabinet.

His previous shadow cabinet had 14 members.

He says his Shadow Cabinet is not costing the public purse, and allows him to give some of his Spokespersons exposure.

Mr. Holness says the size of the newly-appointed shadow cabinet is no indication of what will transpire when his party returns to government.

Andrew Holness, Leader of the Opposition JLP.

Meanwhile .. Mr. Holness says former Health Minister, Dr. Ken Baugh elected to be excluded from the team of spokespersons because he’s on his way out of public life.

But he says Dr. Baugh will lead a team of senior advisors who’ll provide assistance to the shadow cabinet

The JLP-leader says  ‘absolutely nothing’ should be read into the exclusion of Opposition MP’s Daryl Vaz, Gregory Mair and Marissa-Dalrymple Phillibert from the shadow cabinet.