Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, is warning stakeholders to desist from charging individuals who’re seeking to secure jobs in the sector.

Minister Bartlett said he’s heard of cases where potential workers were being charged up to $200,000 by recruiters.

He noted the high demand for Jamaican workers globally, adding that the tourism sector has a responsibility to ensure that its workers are not scammed in the process.

Minister Bartlett was speaking during a recent handover of Disaster Risk Management, DRM, tools to players in the tourism sector.

He argued that the latest practice is tantamount to scamming.

Edmund Bartlett, Tourism Minister.

In the meantime, Mr. Bartlett encouraged players in the tourism sector to take the DRM tools to the next level of innovation and convert the information into applicable and physically useful action.

The primary objective of the DRM Plan is to provide clear guidance to the management and staff of tourism entities on the basic infrastructure and operating procedures required to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from hazard events or emergency situations.

The move forms part of the Ministry’s initiative to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to build resilience.