National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, is accusing the opposition JLP of being opportunistic, hypocritical and vulgar, after yesterday’s walkout of the House of Representatives, during a debate on the contentious prisoner transfer proposal.

Opposition MPs walked out yesterday, after Minister Bunting reacted strongly to a call from Opposition Leader Andrew Holness for him to abandon negotiations of a prisoner transfer agreement with Britain.

Minister Bunting says when Dwight Nelson was Security Minister, the then JLP Government was ready to consider accepting prisoners from overseas.

He says those talks broke down after the UK called a halt.

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Bunting quoted from a newspaper article in which Minister Nelson told a reporter that the plan to accept UK prisoners was abandoned because the UK was experiencing financial difficulties caused by the global recession.

The Security Minister also accused the JLP of being opportunistic in their current stance against the prison deal.

He supported his argument by referring to comments made today on Nationwide This morning by Opposition Spokesman on Justice, Delroy Chuck.

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Minister Bunting says the proposed prisoner transfer deal is perhaps the only hope in the medium term to restore dignity to hundreds of incarcerated Jamaicans.

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