North West St. Ann Member of Parliament, Dr. Dayton Campbell, says PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, should not ruin his legacy by allowing his inner circle to turn him into a poppy-show.

Dr. Campbell says scientific polls and two recent PNP by-election losses are among the reasons why Dr. Phillips should be removed as party President.

Dr. Campbell made the call during a fiery address last night at a PNP meeting at Cumberland High school in Colin Fagan’s South East St. Catherine constituency.

Dr. Campbell is a supporter of Peter Bunting’s challenge to Dr. Phillips.

Dr. Phillips’ supporters have been pushing for a special delegates’ conference before the annual conference in September to decide who should lead the PNP.

But, Dr. Campbell says that would mean that many delegates would not be allowed to cast a ballot.

Dr. Campbell noted a Don Anderson poll which shows Dr. Phillips badly trailing Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

He used the poll and two PNP by-election losses to oppose an argument made by PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford for Dr. Phillips, not be challenged.

Dr. Campbell also told his audience that the PNP has a tradition of using polls to decide who should be allowed to contest a post.

He says that tradition was used in the East Portland by-election when it was decided that Andrea Moore should not be the PNP candidate.

Dr. Campbell argued that the same principle should be used to decide Dr. Peter Phillips’ fate.

Meantime, the PNP Divisional conference where Dr. Campbell was speaking was attended by some of Dr. Phillips’ supporters including, PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford.

Dr. Campbell urged Crawford not to waste political capital by supporting Dr. Phillips.

Dr. Dayton Campbell.

But speaking shortly after, Mr. Crawford indicated that he’ll continue to support Dr. Phillips’ efforts to defeat the Peter Bunting challenge.

Mr. Crawford made the case for Dr. Phillips to remain party president.

He also urged comrades not to allow the leadership race to destroy the PNP.