Stevian Simmonds reports

Prominent Attorney, Peter Champagnie is describing as a worrying trend, recent comments from attorneys which he says bring the legal profession into disrepute.

He was reacting to Defense Attorneys, John Clarke and Isat Buchanan, misleading the media and the public last week, in relation to a habeas corpus application for five men detained under the States of Public Emergency.

Mr Champagnie, is also member of the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council, GLC.

Attorneys Clarke and Buchanan told the media last week that Justice Bertram Morrison ruled that the detention of their clients under the state of public emergency act is unconstitutional.

But Justice Morrison indicated in court yesterday that the only order he made last week regarding the five detained men, is that the men be brought to court for a further enquiry into the lawfulness of their detention.

Queen’s Counsel Peter Champagnie in reacting to the incident, said he won’t comment on the specifics of the case or the individuals involved.

He’s also taking the Jamaican Bar Association to task, saying it failed to appropriately disassociate itself from the attorneys.

We also asked Mr Champagnie about possible sanctions for the attorneys.