Earlier today in our midday newscast and major news at five, Nationwide reported that Chairman of the PNP’s Manifesto Committee, Damion Crawford, said the party would tap funds from the NHT, USF, Chase Fund and PATH to pay for its 70-billion dollar manifesto promises.

In subsequent discussions with Mr. Crawford, he told Nationwide News that he said HEART NSTA/Trust and not the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education, PATH.

Here’s what Mr. Crawford told Kalilah Reynolds and Abka Fitz-Henley yesterday on Nationwide This Morning.

Damion Crawford, PNP Vice President and Chairman of the party’s Manifesto Committee.

Mr Crawford says the PNP’s Wealthy plan proposes to increase the current PATH benefit by 50 per cent.

He says a PNP government would also use resources from the National Housing Trust, NHT, to pay for home improvements.

Damion Crawford, Chairman of the PNP’s manifesto committee.