There was a combined 56-percent voter turnout for the Police, the Jamaica Defense Force and Election Day Workers who cast their ballots yesterday.

That’s a decrease of 7-percent when compared to the General Election in 2016 when the combined turnout for those workers was 63-percent.

However, due to a significant increase in the voters list, there’s was a increase in the number of Election Day Workers and JDF members who voted.

Information obtained from the Electoral Office of Jamaica, EOJ shows that yesterday, 20,445 of the registered 31,000 election day workers voted.

That’s a 66-percent turnout of election day workers.

In 2016, the turnout for election day workers was 70-percent.

The figures show that 1,986 more election workers voted yesterday when compared to four years ago.

That’s because 4,586 election day workers were added to the voters list since 2016.


The EOJ figures show that 4-thousand-8-hundred-and-49 policemen and women voted yesterday.

That’s a voter turnout for the Police of 42-per cent – or a ten per cent decline when compared to 2016 when the voter turnout for the Police was 52 percent.

4-hundred-and-73 fewer Police personnel cast their ballot yesterday when compared to the General Election in 2016.


As far as members of the JDF are concerned, yesterday 982 members of the military cast a ballot.

That’s a turnout of just under 24-percent of soldiers who are eligible to vote.

In 2016, there was a 36-per cent voter turnout for members of the JDF.

52 more soldiers voted yesterday when compared to four years ago when 932 voted.

The disparity between the percentage decrease in the voter turnout for the JDF and the actual increase in the number which voted this year is because nearly 2-thousand more JDF members were enumerated since the last General Election.

The rest of the electorate will vote in the General Election on Thursday.

Polling stations are scheduled to open at 7:00 in the morning.