Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke is calling on the public sector to accept a year-long delay in the implementation of a review of its compensation restructure in order to facilitate a speedier recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

The review sought to streamline public-sector compensation and make it more transparent.

It was undertaken by International consulting firm, Ernst and Young Jamaica Limited.

Dr. Clarke says the resources simply do not exist for the review to be implemented, at the same time they are navigating an economic recovery.

However, the Finance Minister, says the public sector will receive a modest wage increase for the next financial year.

Dr. Nigel Clarke, Minister of Finance and the Public Service.

He was speaking in the House of Representatives this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, JCTU, says it will not preempt the out come of wage negotiations with the government.

JCTU President , Helene Davis-Whyte, notes that it is important that the negotiations goes well.

According to Mrs. Davis-Whyte, the JCTU acknowledges that the government is facing funding challenges because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mrs Davis-Whyte says the announcement by the government does not come as surprise.

Helene Davis-Whyte, JCTU President