Clinical coordinator at the Western Regional Health Authority Dr. Delroy Fray says the Cornwall Regional hospital is bursting at the seams, amid an increase in Covid-19 hospitalizations.

Dr. Fray noted that more than 90 members of staff were off duty today, leaving a massively depleted team , to respond to a Covid-19 ward at maximum capacity.

He is predicting that other major hospitals in the region, will be reporting a similar situation in the coming weeks.

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The country’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor McKenzie, disclosed that all major hospitals across the country have now reached 90 per cent of their capacity.

But Dr. Fray says the Cornwall Regional Hospital is one of those very close to maximum capacity.

Dr. Fray says the findings emerged from an assessment which was done only this morning.

Meanwhile Dr. Fray is seeking to assure the public that hospitalizations not related to Covid-19, are not being overlooked.