The Court yesterday afternoon rejected an application by the legal team representing the MP-elect for South East St. Mary, the PNP’s Winston Green, for it to dismiss an application by his opponent Dr. Norman Dunn to have a magisterial recount.

Lead Counsel KD Knight made the application on behalf of Dr. Green.

Mr. Knight asked the Court not to proceed with the magisterial recount but accept the results of the official count done on Saturday by the Electoral Office of Jamaica, EOJ.

Following the EOJ official count of ballots cast in last Thursday’s General Election, the JLP’s Dr. Norman Dunn’s initial 127 vote margin was reversed and Dr. Green declared the winner.

The recount is currently underway in Downtown Kingston under the watchful eyes of members of the security forces.

Meantime … reports from the Court room are that Dr. Dunn has so far picked up two votes from the ballots which were rejected during the EOJ count.

It’s understood that those two votes were rejected by EOJ personnel during the official count on the basis that a tick was used to mark the ballot and not an X.

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