Outgoing Education Minister and MP-elect for Central Kingston, Ronald Thwaites, says the leadership of the PNP and key players in the party’s 2016 election campaign must consider their future, following last Thursday’s stunning election loss.

Mr. Thwaites says those who’ve failed the party must reflect on their contribution and at least offer their resignation.

A sense of shock is still reverberating in the PNP following its election loss. On election night, the much vaunted PNP election machinery conceded 11-seats it had won in 2011.

None of the 21 seats held by the JLP going into the election, was taken by the PNP. Ronald Thwaites says the entire top brass of the PNP must contemplate their future.

He says those who failed the party must step aside.

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Mr. Thwaites says he too is considering his performance during office. He says it’s time for the PNP to consider renewal.

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The outgoing Education Minister says the party suffered at the polls due to austerity measures which were necessary under the IMF agreement.

He says the PNP also paid a price for its controversial move to pull out of the national leadership debate.

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Mr. Thwaites says he’s troubled that the current PNP is a shadow of its glorious past.

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