The Police Federation Chairman, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, says there’s been no improvement in the wage increase offer from the government for rank and file members of the constabulary force.

Sgt Wilson told Nationwide at Five a short time ago that he’s spoken with the Minister for the Public Service, Horace Dalley, but they’re no closer to a deal.

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Sergeant Raymond Wilson, the Police Federation Chairman a short time ago.

Last week, the Federation said it was giving the Government up until the end of business today to make an improved offer.

At the time, Sergeant Wilson warned that normality could not be guaranteed if the police didn’t receive an improved offer by today.

In the meantime, It’s understood that Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Willliams today summoned the Federation to a meeting regarding its threat of industrial action.

MEANWHILE.. Major Basil Jarrett of the Jamaica Defence Force, JDF says the army is keeping a close watch on developments on the industrial relations scene.

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AND it’s understood that approximately 50 rank and file members of the constabulary force were promoted today, including to the officer rank of inspector.

It’s not immediately clear if the promotions are linked to the wage dispute.