Cricket West Indies, CWI, and Republic Bank Financial Holdings today announced the Guyana launch of ‘Five for Fun’ – a new format of cricket designed to appeal to children from 8 to 11 years old.

The Five for Fun initiative is a true joint-venture whereby CWI and Republic Bank are developing the platform together across the region to engage schools and schoolchildren.

Working closely with the Ministries of Sport and Education, CWI and Republic Bank developed the Five for Fun platform together and successfully piloted it in St. Lucia in 2021.

Five for Fun will become one of the first steps in CWI’s “Future Stars” programme, the development and participation pathway to introduce the next generation to cricket and develop their love for and involvement in the Caribbean’s number one sport.

The programme’s goal is to promote fun and engage children to grow a love for the game, while developing critical life skills such as leadership, teamwork, values, mental focus, patience, dealing with adversity, tactical awareness, confidence, time management, responsibility, physical development and much more.

Following the pilot’s success, the Five for Fun will this year launch across the wider Caribbean, starting in Guyana, and over the coming weeks in Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis, with St Lucia also starting their second year of activity.

In the coming years, Five for Fun will be introduced to other Caribbean markets and beyond.