The defence in the Klansman Gang Trial this morning raised concerns about what they consider the timely manner in which the prosecution is making disclosure of some material it brings into evidence.

Thirty three alleged gang members are on trial for offences under the anti gang legislation on an indictment with 25 counts.

According to defence attorney, Alexander Shaw, the prosecution has presented additional statements from witness that were not previously disclosed to the defense.

Defence attorney, Lloyd McFarlane, said the prosecution at times have used statements it had in its possession from early on but failed to disclose to the defense in a timely manner.

But presiding judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, noting it will be a long trial, says the defense will have an opportunity to respond to new evidence presented.

He says he doesn’t see how the matter could irreparably harm the defence as he says for their parts it’s been largely about credibility of the witnesses.

According to Chief Justice Sykes, the remedy in such cases is to recall witnesses when necessary.