There might be more good news on the horizon for the Jamaican economy.

Central Bank Governor, Brian Wynter, says he believes there was growth in the December quarter of last year, after a 1-point-4 percent contraction in the September quarter.

Governor Wynter says he’s expecting that the resumption of growth between October and December will likely continue through to March this year.

The Central Bank will reveal its growth estimates next month.

The contraction in the economy in the September quarter last year was partly explained by the effects of a protracted drought that negatively affected agriculture.

The drought and other factors, stopped four consecutive quarters of growth.

But Governor Wynter says aside from the rebound in agriculture after the drought ended, other keys areas of the economy continue to improve.

Mr. Wynter says he also expects unemployment to continue its downward trend.

He says accelerating growth continues to be the challenge for the country.