There’s growing disquiet in the public transport sector this afternoon over the decision of the Transport Authority to end its recognition of the Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators, JATOO.

This stems from the Authority’s rejection of a programme launched by JATOO to ‘regularise’ so-called ‘loadermen and women’, in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region.

Communications Manager at the Transport Authority, Petra Keane Williams, says the Authority dismissed JATOO’s proposal earlier this month.

However, she says JATOO has gone ahead with it, and are labelling the loader men and women as ‘park attendants’.

Ms. Williams says the Transport Authority is ending all affiliations with JATOO immediately.

Petra Keane Williams, Communications Manager at the Transport Authority, speaking this morning with Nationwide News.

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, has also objected to JATOO’s proposal, calling it ‘illegal’.

The JUTC says the act of intercepting a pedestrian is illegal and it encourages poaching on its franchise.

President of JATOO, Louis Barton, yesterday told Nationwide News that the move is an attempt to separate and properly regulate their members’ activity to allow for a more orderly practice.