Nationwide News understands that Energy Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, has summoned representatives of the Petroleum Haulage Contractors Association to a meeting.

This as he moves to avert any further fallout following the decision of some tanker drivers to withdraw their services today.

The meeting involving officials of the Energy Ministry and the haulage contractors association is to take place tomorrow.

It’s understood the Ministry is considering revoking the licenses of some drivers.

This, on the basis that they acted illegally by taking ‘sudden’ industrial action this morning.

Meantime, Dr. Wheatley’s Cabinet colleague, Labour Minister, Shahine Robinson, was up to shortly before news time, locked in a meeting with the haulage contractors and representatives of the National Workers Union, NWU.

This, as the government moves to ensure normality in the petroleum sector.

That meeting which is being chaired by Minister Robinson began after 3:00 this afternoon at the Ministry’s North Street office.

And in a statement this afternoon, the state owned oil refinery Petrojam, says its loading racks are fully open for business, despite the industrial action of the tanker drivers.

Petrojam’s General Manager, Floyd Grindley, says the company is capable of delivering all products to its customers in the normal opening hours of operations.

Mr. Grindley says if the dispute is resolved in a timely manner, Petrojam will accommodate customers by extending its opening hours.

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