Head of St. Ann police, Superintendent Gary Francis, says the five prisoners who escaped from the Ocho Rios police station in the parish last Friday used a hacksaw blade to cut their way out of the lock up.

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He says investigations are being carried out into how the inmates got their hands on a hacksaw blade.

He says security at the lock up will be improved using the information they’ll gain from their investigations. He’s appealing to the escapees to turn themselves in. And he’s warning people not to harbour fugitives as this is a criminal offense.

Two of the five escaped men were recaptured on Friday.

They are 29 year old David Anderson and 48-year-old Gary Ferguson.

Still on the run are: 61 year old, Leroy Laud, who is charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

22-year-old murder accused, Nicholas Massop, and Reynardo Williams, who is charged with illegal possession of a firearm.