The mother of the police constable, Kemar Beckford who was shot dead in Hanover last year by a Police Inspector, says she will be asking the judicial review court to examine a recent ruling by the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

INDECOM last week reported that there’s no evidence to suggest the Inspector acted improperly.

Constable Beckford’s mother, Lenorah Thomas, says INDECOM’s ruling lacks credibility and is nothing but a travesty of justice.

In April last year, it was alleged that Constable Beckford attempted to rob a bar at gun point when he was engaged by Inspector Wayne Jacobs, who was a patron in the bar.

Last Monday, INDECOM disclosed at a media conference its ruling public, that Inspector Jacobs should not face criminal charges for killing Constable Beckford.

INDECOM said the Inspector appeared to have acted in self defense as the young Constable had attempted to rob the bar.

INDECOM’s Senior Communications Officer, Khamile Reid says the Commission has also found that a police officer failed to preserve the crime scene.

This is an issue which, Beckford’s Mother, Lenorah Thomas is using to support her claiming that her son was murdered on the outside of the bar and dragged inside.

She says the crime scene was reconstructed by investigators who support Inspector Jacobs.

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Miss Thomas says INDECOM’s ruling should be rejected because it relied heavily on evidence from police personnel and failed to use ballistics or other scientific techniques in its investigation.

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Miss Thomas says she’s seeking judicial review as she believes she’ll get a more objective investigation elsewhere.

INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams this afternoon declined to comment on the basis that the killing of Beckford is before the Court.