The St. Andrew Central Police say they are investigating the death of politician and banker Faye Reid Jacobs as a suspected suicide.

The Corporate Communications Unit of the Police says Mrs. Reid Jacobs allegedly ingested a chemical substance around 6:30 last evening at her home in Long Mountain, St. Andrew.

The Police say she was with relatives at the time.

She was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead around 8:20 pm. She was 60 years old.

In 2014, Mrs. Reid Jacobs was the JLP’s Candidate in the Central Westmoreland by-election, in which she was defeated by the PNP’s Dwayne Vaz.

She later resigned as the party’s caretaker for the area, following what was reported as a breakdown in the relationship between her and the leadership of Area Council 4.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Labour Party says its mourning Mrs. Reid-Jacobs’ passing.

The JLP says she was an important member of the party and remained close to them even after her resignation as Caretaker.

General Secretary Dr Horace Chang, says the Party is shocked at her death.

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Jacobs was one of the founding Directors of Caribbean Financial Services Limited, and was lead consultant in several projects affecting banking in the Caribbean.

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding says Mrs. Reid Jacobs was an innovative banker.

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