Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding says it’s pointless and foolhardy for stakeholders to engage in a blame game concerning the recent oxygen shortage in Jamaica when its cause is widely known.

The former Prime Minister says it must be noted that there’s a worldwide shortage of oxygen caused by the coronavirus pandemic, especially since the surge brought on by the Delta variant.

He notes that in the past two months alone, the number of COVID-19 patients classified as critical has increased by 36 percent worldwide.

Mr. Golding further notes that some segments of society are anxious to lay blame for the shortage of oxygen in Jamaica while ignoring prominent headlines across the world.

The former Prime Minister says the recent oxygen crisis in Indonesia, Hawaii, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, and Louisanna highlight the chronic nature of the oxygen shortage which is affecting several places across the globe.

Mr. Golding says additionally it should not be forgotten that the shortage of oxygen has disrupted other significant activities including the metal refining industry, aquaculture, and water purification plants. 

And NASA recently had to cancel scheduled space launches because oxygen is an essential component of rocket fuel.

Mr. Golding says the global scarcity of oxygen is not going away any time soon. 

He says that fact should influence countries, including Jamaica, not to squabble about the shortage but to re-focus on the basics. 

The former Prime Minister says each Jamaican should take note of the global shortage and take steps to avoid having to require oxygen by adhering to Covid-19 protocols and getting vaccinated.

Mr. Golding made the remarks during a letter that was published in the Jamaica Observer on the weekend.