The Jamaica Defence Force, JDF, says the leaders of the four major gangs operating in Mount Salem, in St. James, have likely fled the area.

It’s unclear when they would’ve fled.

However, Major Dameon Creary says they’d have likely fled some time before, during or after the declaration of the area as the first zone of special operations two weeks ago.

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He says the gang leaders and some of their members have been displaced to other areas such as Rose Heights in St James and Whithorn in Westmoreland.

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Major Creary made the point yesterday while speaking with members of the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, who toured Mount Salem.

The PNP’s team included spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting.

As well as three of its Vice Presidents, Dr Fenton Ferguson, Dr Angela Brown Burke and Dr Wykeham McNeill. PNP councillors in St James were also part of the tour.

The major four gangs in the area are: the Temple Gang, whose leader is Courtney Ricketts, otherwise called ‘Tallis’; The Junglist Gang, led by O’Neil Clarke otherwise called ‘Goatie’; United Gang, led by Yoaun Bailey also known as Toddler and the Alliance Gang, led by Kenis Doyle otherwise called Rifle King.