Former PNP President and Prime Minister, PJ Patterson, is urging his party to get its act together because the improved Andrew Holness it’s facing now is not the uncertain man it had to contend with in September last year.

Our sources say Mr. Patterson made the comment on Sunday during a meeting of the PNP’s National Executive Council, NEC.

Patterson reportedly encouraged the leadership of the PNP not to shun progressive thinking in the party.

He reportedly likened the leadership issues facing the PNP to a relay.

Mr. Patterson said Norman Manley ran the first leg, while Michael Manley ran the back stretch which he argued was the hardest leg given the turbulent nature of the 1970’s.

Patterson commented that he ran the curve and there are persons assuming that Portia Simpson-Miller is running the final leg.

He reportedly encouraged the PNP President to set the stage for an orderly transition of power within the party at an appropriate time.

The former PNP President said not unlike the sport of athletics, persons who leave the blocks too late or too early in addition to those who run out of their lane, may lose or be disqualified.

Patterson reportedly told the NEC that he knows that comments he made are likely to be leaked to the media.

However, he urged those present to quote him accurately.

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