Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen has suspended personal use of the insignia of the Order of St Michael and St George containing a controversial image that many have found offensive.

The insignia depicts a white man, who represents a triumphant archangel, with his foot on the neck of a black man deemed to be ‘Satan’.

The wearing of the insignia has been triggering backlash on social media.

In a statement posted on the GG’s website over the weekend, Sir Patrick announced the suspension of the use of the insignia.

This also follows his acknowledgement of concerns raised by citizens over the  image on the medal, and the growing global rejection of the use of objects that normalize the continued degradation of people of colour.

The statement says Sir Patrick has asked his Office to immediately review all insignias and iconography associated with the Office of The Governor-General that may be considered racialized or culturally inappropriate.

It says the Governor-General has also written to the  Chancellor of the Order of St Michael and St George requesting a revision of the image used on the medal.

He’s recommending that it be “changed to reflect an inclusive image of the shared humanity of all peoples.”