The Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, is hitting back at what he says are fake comments directed at his family’s history and involvement in slavery.

The PNP leader was addressing members of the party during a National Executive Council meeting yesterday at the Calabar High School in St. Andrew.

Last week Tuesday, Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke, while speaking in the House of Representatives, referred to Mr. Golding as “Massa Mark”.

However, the opposition leader says he’s not deterred by the name calling.

Opposition Leader, Mark Golding.

Meanwhile, Mr. Golding has apologised for referring to members of the Jamaica Labour Party as “damn fools”.

The Opposition Leader accepted that he should not have used those words.

Mark Golding, PNP President.

The comment caused widespread offense to Labourites.

Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, responding by noting the comment appeared to have been made by “Maasa Mark”.

That comment itself has caused controversy.