The Andrew Holness administration is coming under more fire in relation to it’s decision on the Bengal quarrying issue.

This time from Jamica’s third registered party, the United Independents’ Congress, UIC.

In a statement last evening, the party asserted that the Holness Administration “can be definitively singled out as being environmentally unaware”.

This as it says the government’s facing another environmental faux pas in this early stage of its second term.

The UIC says the administration’s showing incredible consistency in handing over Jamaica’s cherished and irreplaceable natural resources for profit.

The party is describing as myopic, reports that then Cabinet Minister, now State Minister, Senator Leslie Campbell, in his previous role in the last administration overruled the attempt by NEPA, a technical agency of the government, to provide guidance on a significant national issue.

It also says the decision brings State Minister Campbell’s judgment into question.

The UIC says in light of identical issues with the Blue Mountain mining controversy and the Goat Island development blunder under another administration, a more consultative and informed approach should have been taken by State Minister Campbell in handling the reported appeal.

The party says there was a lack of information and lack of transparency surrounding the issue.

The UIC is demanding that the government rescind this and all other such permits for mining in these ecologically important regions of the island.

The UIC also wants the government to demonstrate in a tangible way its commitment to preserving Jamaica’s ecology by legislatively protecting these important watershed areas and surrounding forested lands.